Remembering 911

Remembering 911

Remembering 911

While walking my dog this morning, I passed a home that made me stop in my tracks.  I stood on the sidewalk looking at a large framed image of the 911 firefighters raising the American flag over the rubble of the twin towers. Someone who lives in this home remembers 911 in a very personal way.  I couldn’t help but wonder who they’d lost that day.  Was it a friend, family member, co-worker or simply a sense of security?  I remember that day well, as every American does.  I was living in Indiana at the time and getting my two small children ready for the day.  I had the Today show on in the background.  I remember the co-anchors reporting a plane hit the first tower and they weren’t sure if it was an accident or something worse.  I was watching as the second plane hit tower two.  There could be no doubt it was no accident.  I ran upstairs to tell my husband that the World Trade Center was under attack.  I spent the rest of the day watching every shocking detail.  I wanted to know everything.  I wanted to know why.  I wanted to know how America would respond.  I wanted to be reassured that America would rebuild and not let the attack destroy us.  I wanted revenge.  Today, twelve years later,  I want to give the person who lives in this home a hug.  I want them to know I have not forgotten.


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