Uncommon Friendships


I have been blessed with some truly remarkable friendships, the once-in-a-lifetime kind.  These friendships are the kind that allow us to share our deepest thoughts and feelings with each other without condemnation, shame or judgement.  Four of my strongest friendships are knit together with a powerful belief in God and his loving care for us.  Oddly, they are also distance relationships.  Despite the distance we are able to remain close because of our uncommon friendship.  We can go months without speaking, but we know if either of us needs anything we’re there.  The moment we are in contact again it’s like we were never apart. The only distance is the miles.

Friendships can be hard and scary.  I have some trust issues from childhood and I am usually careful about who I trust.  I crave deep friendship, but I am also afraid that the other person may not reciprocate.  Stepping out in friendship is difficult especially as you age.  Circumstances change.  Illness, job loss, divorce can change friendships.  Sometimes the change is profound and surprising.  Other times it is devastating.  Knowing the difference between fair weather friends and friends that sustain you is the key.  I haven’t always been good at determining the fair weather kind from the sustainable kind.  I’ve made mistakes.  What I’ve learned has taught me to truly invest in the friends that sustain you and enjoy the fair weather friends for the fun they bring.  I know my fair weather friends won’t be there when I need them, but they add to my life nonetheless. Learning to enjoy all friendships and not expecting them to all be “uncommon” is the key to enjoying my life.  One of my once-in-a-lifetime friends recently asked me to define uncommon.  She wasn’t comfortable being called uncommon until I shared with her the true definition of uncommon.  Uncommon means: 1. Not common; rare.  2. Wonderful; remarkable.  Once she knew the definition she was thrilled to be called my uncommon friend.  I am thrilled to be called her uncommon friend as well.  She is rare, wonderful and remarkable.  If you have a friend like this, let them know today.  It’s never too late to celebrate great friends!



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