iPhoneography and Fall Inspiration


In August I watched a Creative Live class solely dedicated to iPhoneography.  It’s amazing how smart phones have revolutionized the way people take pictures.  I use my iPhone camera all the time.  It’s convenient because it’s always with me and it takes some pretty good pictures for a phone.  This summer I started using a lens accessory for the iPhone called the olloclip and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.   It is small, easy to use and has three lenses in one compact design.  It fits neatly over the camera lens in the iPhone.  The included lenses are wide-angle, fisheye and macro.  I love using the macro lens.  I used it first in my garden on a flower and now I use it on all kinds of things.  The leaf I kept from my hike the other day is the perfect subject.  It was overcast this morning so the light was perfectly bright and soft for capturing the color in the leaf.  I took a variety of photos from different angles and positions.  I used a tripod and a cable release so I could be still and get a sharp image.  The tiny Joby tripod in the gear photo below was a gift from a friend who knows me too well.  I love it.  It’s small enough to take with me and comes in handy when I need a steady hand.  I used my ear buds as a cable release.  The + button is the plunger that allowed me to take the photos.  After I took several photos I began editing them.  I really like using Snapseed.  It’s a photo-editing app and I like it because it allows you more control than the standard preset filters that come with the iPhone.  I have other apps on my phone and sometimes I use multiple apps to get the effect I want.  After I edited the photos I took them into another app, InstaFrame where I was able to use one of their layouts to create the 4 up design.  For me photography is just another form of story telling.  I love to write, but sometimes one photograph can say more than a thousand words.



7 thoughts on “iPhoneography and Fall Inspiration

    • Thanks natella111! I love the Olloclip and now they also sell a telephoto lens + circular polarizer. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m looking forward to playing with it soon.

      • Awesome, Dena! I’ll be waiting on your post with impressions once you do try them out!

        I’m really glad that I came across your blog! It’s very interesting and informative!

        Wishing you a great day!

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