I follow Crossing Paths…the Blog and enjoy his posts, but today’s post is worth a reblog. It hit me in the heart because my neighbor was laid to rest this morning and I’ve watched his wife navigate life as a grieving widow. Her friends have rallied to her side and God has brought others into her life to give her strength, support and comfort. Though alone she could be overpowered by grief with God and his support she will not quickly be broken.

Crossing Paths...the Blog

Though one may be overpowered,
two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

~Ecclesiastes 4:12

In recent days, I have witnessed beauty in some ashes. In one case, the marriage of a friend of mine has been put to the test due to an unplanned extended absence due to some legal issues. The husband is stuck in Ohio for three months, while his wife is holding down the home front in California. If this wasn’t challenging enough, there have been those close to them who have offered “advice” along the lines of giving up on their marriage.

In another example, the mother of a friend of mine passed away just a couple days ago. It automatically took me back to when I lost my mom. It is a painful experience to lose the woman who brought you into the world. I believe there is truth…

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One thought on “Unbroken

  1. I’m really glad you were there for Barby. She needed you while dealing with “everything.” I have no doubt God had a plan when he moved you next door 😉

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