Blessing the Advent Wreath


We missed it.  We should have blessed the advent wreath last Sunday, but for a variety of reasons we didn’t.  We didn’t even have dinner at the table that night.  We made it to church Sunday morning so that’s something.  We are all much nicer to each other when we attend church and re-focus on God’s message for us.

After church my daughter and I went Christmas shopping with the best intentions of coming home, making dinner and enjoying time as a family around the advent table. Instead, shopping gave me a horrible headache that wiped me out until after eight o’clock.  I didn’t make dinner.  I didn’t decorate the house.  I didn’t light the advent candle or do the readings.  (You’d think I was the one in our family raised catholic with the guilt I have.)  But rather than focus on the things I didn’t do, I’ve decided we will bless the advent wreath when we’re all home together and when we’re not feeling pressured to do it.  I think God wants us to enjoy each other and our traditions not force them and end up bickering or being bitter about them.  We will bless the advent wreath.  Hopefully it will happen this weekend, but if not, then we will do it when the time is right.

Below is our prayer of blessing for the advent wreath.

Bless this wreath, God.
Make it a sign to us of your holiness and goodness.
Fill us with your grace as we prepare for the coming of your son, Jesus Christ
Now and forever…
We ask this through the Father who is the Creator
His loving Son who is our friend and brother
and the Holy Spirit who is with us always.

2 thoughts on “Blessing the Advent Wreath

  1. You know, sometimes we forget that the sun comes up the next day no matter what we do and Son forgives us when we forget. Lovely Advent blessing. And, thanks for offering the pingback to my blog on Advent Wreaths. A Blessed Christmas to you and your family.

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