Daily Prompt: Memories of Holidays Past


This daily prompt is a few days late, but when I read it I knew I had the perfect memory to share.  Last weekend my dad sent me an email with a photo of four-year-old me proudly standing with my cherished Santa gift.  In my family Santa gifts weren’t wrapped, they were proudly assembled and ready for play when we came running out to see what he left.  That particular Christmas morning I came out to find a miniature ironing board and iron.  I was so happy with that little board and iron.  I can’t remember if I asked for it or not, but I truly was thrilled with it. This should tell you a little something about me as a person. I’ve always been a neat-nick with OCD tendencies.

I love that memory and have told my kids about it many times.  What makes it even sweeter now is the note my dad sent with the photo. I hope he won’t mind me sharing it with you.  He wrote, “You always seemed content with what you got.  You never expected a lot and as your father, I love that about you.”   My first reaction was, “Wow! I don’t remember myself this way.”  It is possibly the best compliment I’ve ever been given.  It makes me want to be the person my dad remembers and enter this Christmas holiday with the expectations of that content little girl.

Merry Christmas!


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