Why 2013 May Be The Best Year of My Life

Sunrise Crystal Cove

As we approach the end of another year and reflect back on it, I can honestly say that 2013 may be the best year of my life.  My family is happy, healthy and doing well in school and work. That would be enough to make it a good year, but this year I’ve been blessed. Starting over in a new city allowed me to release the pressure of fitting in, keeping up and staying on course. I can’t explain how unprepared I was for my life in the Midwest.  At first, I didn’t understand that living where we lived meant conforming.  The expectations were subtle and often cloaked in smiles and invitations, but it all felt phony. For years, I was confused and frustrated. I’m not the kind of person who likes being told what I “should” do. I’ve never had a desire to fit in and be one of the crowd so I was a stranger in a strange land. I resisted the standards that were being thrust upon me, but eventually one must conform to a certain degree or be lonely and outcast.  Moving gave me a fresh start. There were no expectations of me in our new town.  And for the most part, there still aren’t. People here are eclectic and eccentric. I love their creative and free spirit.  I love people who follow their dreams, not the money.  Following the money leads to unhappiness.  I worked with many high earning professionals in the last few years and I can honestly attest that money is more of a burden than a blessing to them whether they realize it or not.  But that’s fodder for another blog post.

Moving gave me a fresh start. I started taking pictures again and reading more books. I took walks on the beach. I explored our new area. I found a church that we all enjoy. I started practicing yoga three times a week. I started writing again. I reconnected with family that live in the area. I avoided getting involved in activities that might fill my time, but rob me of the newly acquired peace I’d found. I met a few people, but I was in no hurry to jump into friendships that might make demands on my time or me personally. I feel free. I don’t feel trapped by the expectations of others or the location of my home.  I am happy, content and grateful.  I thank God everyday for the blessings of 2013 and look forward to his plan for 2014.  I wish the same for you.



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