Artifact Uprising

Earlier this year I found a company I absolutely love and want to share with you.  I found them on Instagram, but you can also follow them on twitter and Facebook.  I enjoyed the photos they posted so much I decided to follow them.  When I clicked into their profile what I read inspired a “you had me at hello” reaction.

ARTIFACT UPRISING // inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible / bettered by a community of inspired storytellers / driven by the belief everyone has a story to tell. Tell On.

As a storyteller myself, I love the eclectic and creative group of people they feature.  I also love that they understand those of us who still enjoy a printed photograph.  This is going to date me, but in college I used to love spending hours in the dark room developing film and playing around with the enlargers.  I miss developer and the fun of watching an image slowly form on paper.  I also love reading a printed book, good stationery and sending handwritten notes through the mail.  So it isn’t surprising that I love this company and their mission to help me get my photos off my computer and into memorable prints, books and gifts.

Soon after I started following them I found out they were a relatively new company that had just launched their app through iTunes.  I downloaded the app and went to the website for more.  I was hooked.  I lost track of time reading through the blog and clicking through the website.  I love the simplicity of the website and blog.  It’s the perfect blend of simple and functional.  I decided to order prints and see if the products were as great as the digital side of the company.  The ordering process was easy and fun.  The hardest part was deciding which photos from my Instagram gallery I wanted to print.  (By the way, the photos don’t have to be from Instagram.  It was just the easiest way for me to test the product without spending hours on the computer trying to decide which images I wanted to print.)

A week later the package arrived and the prints were beautiful.  I love the square prints.  The paper is recycled and the quality is great.  Some of the photos I chose look better on the matte paper than others, but now I know what to expect next time.  I’m already thinking of gift ideas for my friends and family.  I can’t wait to create a book too.  I’m in love with this company and its products.



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