Some days I feel restless.

Call it wanderlust or itchy feet, but every once in a while I get an urge to just go and be in nature.

So Otis and I set out to find adventure. He loves to go. Maybe he feels restless too.

I was imagining canyon vistas with sweeping views.

Well, let’s just say my canyon adventure was more like a walk in a park than an adventure hike.

It was pretty, just not what I was imagining.

Trail apps are great, but until you go explore the place you don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into.  I both love this and loathe this at the same time.

Otis had fun chasing squirrels and ducks. He got some good exercise. I was happy to get out.

Instead of posting the details of my hike and the photos from said hike, I am posting one photo of a blooming tree from our walk in the park.

It’s January and things are blooming all over Southern California. January! It’s crazy. While most people are living in the polar vortex I’m living in a perpetual garden.

It’s wonderful.


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