Shipwreck Trail


Sunday my husband and I left our teenage kids to do their thing while we went to do our thing.  We drove along the coast to explore a new hiking trail: Shipwreck Trail on the Palos Verdes Penninsula. Despite reviews warning us of rocky and dangerous terrain we decided to go anyway lured by the promise of gorgeous views, tide pools, cove surfing and many photo opportunities.

The trail did not disappoint.  We loved it.  We took lots of photos and had an interesting adventure at the end. As we began our trek back through the rocky landscape we found a steep, dirt trail we knew would save us time. We could see it was steep, but as we started up it proved trickier than we imagined.  The path was unstable and loose so each step was like a tiny landslide. The big rocks on each side of the path initially looked like good hand holds but crumbled when we touched them.  Just when we thought we’d made a terrible mistake, the path became more stable and easier to climb.  After we made it to the top we agreed we should have taken a photo of the path before we attempted it.  We knew our kids wouldn’t believe us when we told them the story.

We will definitely go back because the Palos Verdes cove had some interesting surfing and we never made it to the actual shipwreck.  I read in the trail guide that the shipwreck is the SS Dominator from 1961.  All the reviews said the shipwreck was cool and worth the hike.  Next time…



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