Friday Find: Slow Shutter Cam

photo small

I took this photo with my iPhone5 using the Slow Shutter Cam app.

This app is fun to experiment with, but the controls are limiting and in many cases automatic.  If you want to get great long exposure photos use a DSLR.  I think it’s fun to experiment and sometimes I don’t want to deal with the process of using a DSLR.  This app is a good alternative.

I used a tripod which is essential for taking long exposure photos.  Within slow shutter cam you can control the exposure time, but the app automatically adjusts focal length and f-stop. You can see how it blurred out the water movement using the motion blur feature.  I chose a strong motion blur.  There are other capture modes of light trail and low light.  I found it best to just experiment with these to see what they do because their titles aren’t helpful.  Trial and error worked for me.

I edited the photo using Snapseed. The original colors were muted and I wanted it to be vibrant. I also brought up some of the shadow detail so you can see the glow on the rocks.

Slow Shutter Cam is available through iTunes for $1.99.  It’s a great app for the money and if you like to experiment it’s lots of fun.






8 thoughts on “Friday Find: Slow Shutter Cam

  1. I had no idea there was such a cool app (only have a 4, not sure it would work). How do you use a tripod on the phone? This is an absolutely stunning image. The boosting of the color in Snapseed is really well done. Awesome!

    • Thanks Meghan! Jobe makes a tripod for the iphone. It’s tiny, but you take off the head and use it with other small tripods. It’s great! I love Snapseed!

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